The Right Daily Facial Cleansing at Home-What to do, what not to do!

Ο σωστός καθαρισμός προσώπου

The proper and effective daily face cleansing routine is one of the most important things for acne prevention and anti-ageing.

The Night Cleaning before bed.

Step 1: Clean eye makeup with cotton and biphasic liquid that dissolves mascara and eye pencils.

There are many good biphasic liquids suitable for removing eye makeup in the supermarket at very affordable prices. We recommend Garnier the two-phase for waterproof makeup, “Garnier Skin Active Micellar Oil Cleansing Water 400ml”, very economical, at around € 4.

Step 2: Facial cleansing in 2 phases (double cleanse).

First phase, a product of oily texture for the dissolvation and removal of oil-soluble pollutants, makeup and blemish. We recommend to you Seamuse micellar oil an excellent product for eyes and for the whole face. View it here.

Step 3: Facial cleansing then with a water soluble product for gentle cleansing of all residues.

For the watery cleansing phase we recommend handmade face soap with pink clay for mild cleansing for normal and combination skin and the handmade soap with activated charcoal for more intensive cleansing of combination and oily skin with a tendency for acne and dark spots. You will find them here and here.
You will enjoy glowing, fresh skin, without dryness!

These three steps are more than enough to give your skin the opportunity to breathe and activate the natural mechanism of rejuvenation during the night.

Step 4: Facial cleansing after waking up in the morning

Thedaily face cleanser must be very light, using a moisturizing cleanser to remove nighttime nutritional nourishment and exfoliating residues that act to remove dead cells.
You can use the mild Seamuse soap for sensitive skin, with organic goat’s milk and callendula which you will find here.

After cleansing, always follow with a moisturizer for your skin type. View options here.

What not to do to clean your face

1. You should not use cleaning wipes without rinsing.

These products don’t make a proper cleansing and most important, they leave leftovers on the skin which is the number one reason for acne and blocked pores!

2. You should not fall asleep without removing eye and face makeup products, powders, base makeup, blush, etc.

3. You should not go to bed without washing your face with a lipolysis cleanser, even if you do not use any makeup products.

Skin secretions, environmental pollution, dust and exhaust fumes create a film that clogs the pores and either creates acne and dark spots, or makes the skin dull and prematurely aged.

Find all relevant products for face cleansing here.

4. Do not use exfoliators with mechanical granules to remove dead cells

Because they create tiny scars on the skin from which it struggles to recover. View our relevant article here.

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