Our Story


Seamuse is a small family company that designs and produces top quality, handmade natural soaps, body products, and cosmetics with great passion. Our products have a distinctive Greek character to them, exploiting the goods of our land and sea.

Our vision has roots in our founder’s love for a good bar of handmade natural soap and her philosophy of creating products with all-natural ingredients.

we realised that Greece, being a Mediterranean country extending from mountain to sea, is the ideal cradle of top quality oils, herbs, grains, roots, and resins! Why not exploit nature’s gifts and offer handmade products made from the best ingredients? After all, our country’s best assets are products of its land and sea!

So we designed our recipes trying to express what is Greece to the contemporary visitor? Emerald crystal waters, windy beaches, rocky seashores, an urchin entangled with seaweed, a ripe fig dripping syrup, sweet blood-red tomatoes, a royal watermelon, golden grape juice, and Krokos, aromatic mastic, the sweetest oranges and yoghurt and honey, a superb combination. Finally, the eternal olive tree and excellent virgin olive oil are the main themes.
All of the above are not only super foods but also exquisite raw materials for our handmade fantasies!

We always use very good quality Greek virgin olive oil which holds the highest percentage in our recipes. We also use pure essential oils and carefully picked fragrance oils from well-respected suppliers. We colour our soaps with natural oxides. The end product was received with great enthusiasm from family and friends and ever since the circle grows bigger. We soon went on to liquid handmade body wash, hair conditioner, and body creams & lotions. 

Our latest additions are the face line products, moisturising creams for dry and normal skin, each with a specialised recipe. We are in the process of testing our sensitive, combination, oily and mature skin, face creams.

What would be our motto after these 7 years of hard work? Keep the product simple, a good well-designed formula and top quality ingredients are all you need to make an excellent product!

Best regards, the Seamuse team