How and why we use Kozani Crocus in Seamuse products

Κρόκος Κοζάνης

Kozani Crocus has innumerable beneficial properties for the human body. It is used dried in decoctions and as a spice in cooking.

Many surveys and studies claim that the consumption of crocus has therapeutical properties in cardiovascular, gastroenterological and ophtalmological diseases.
In cosmetology the use of crocus has an essential role due to its anti-inflammatory andanti-bacterial action.

In Seamuse products, we use crocus in the production of the handmade soap with crocus and beetroot and of the kids’ shampoo with chamomile and crocus extract.

In the handmade soap with crocus and beetroot, we have combined these 2 superfoods to take advantage of their beneficial properties on the skin. The process of the production of the soap is done with the hot method in order to protect the precious Crocus and beetroot extract from the corrosive action of caustic soda.

Use Crocus in powder form which is dissolved in lightly pre-heated distilled water which is added to the final phase of hot saponification.

The process of preparing the Crocus for the addition to the kids’ shampoo with Chamomile and Crocus Extract is similar.
Then follows lightly warm distilled water in which the Crocus and the dried chamomile flowers are dissolved. The solution is then passed through a thin gauze and added to the remaining ingredients of the recipe, in the aqueous phase.

With the careful handling of the precious herb we achieve the preservation of its properties and their utilization in our cosmetics. View them here.

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