Chios mandarin, an explosion of taste and aroma

Μανταρίνι Χίου, μία έκρηξη γεύσης και αρώματος

The tangerin in general

Originating in Asia, the wider mandarin (Citrus reticulata) is the sweetest of all citrus fruits. Smaller in size and with a thinner skin, we enjoy it a lot in our country. Its essential oil is mild, sweet and relaxing. It consists of d-limonene, γ-terpinene, α- and β-pinene and myrcene and is many times beneficial for our health.


The “Chios Mandarin”

It is the fruit of trees of the species Citrus deliciose tenore, and more specifically of the “Common Chian” variety. This variety has a Mediterranean origin, has been studied by the French researcher H. Chapot, (See Appendix 2 La mandarine “COMMUNE”, Al Awania [Rabat] 5: 29-51, 1962). It is famous for its strong aroma, its special taste, the size of the fruits and their rich juice content.


The European Commission, recognizing its value as a fresh dialect fruit, a product of the interaction of soil, climate and anthropogenic factors, but also its identification with the island of Chios, recognized it in December 2012 as “Product of Geographical Origin – PGO.» with the name «Tangerine of Chios» and is included in the list of the 37 most famous agricultural products of the country. The Chian mandarin has been known by this name for many decades in the markets of Greece and abroad, while its trade brought significant prosperity to the island of Chios. Chios has been known for centuries for its unique products (mastic and citrus), while the people of Chios, proud of its place and its goods, treat them with respect, as elements of their local culture. The Plain of Chios is the area of the island where one can mainly find orchards with tangerines and citrus fruits.


The difference of the Chian tangerinefrom the variety clementine and the other species that are widely circulated in the market is the intense aroma and the strong taste. The secret of the Chian mandarin aroma is found in the increased content of its essential oils (mainly d-limonene and γ-terpinene). The profile of the essential oil from “Mandarin Chios”, based on analyzes carried out on samples taken during the growing seasons 2005 – 2006 and 2006 – 2007, is supplemented by the following components: α-Thujene, α-Pinene, Camphene, β- Pinene, β-Myrcene and ο-Methylanisol, p-Cymene, Linalol and β-Caryophyllene. All these substances are volatile and contribute to the characteristic aroma of the Chian mandarin. Its cultivation finds the best conditions in Chios, which has the most cloudless days in the whole country. The reputation of the product “Mandarin Chios” was widely spread in Greece and abroad thanks to the special characteristics of the product in combination with the intense commercial activity of the inhabitants of Chios with exports to several markets including Odessa, Izmir, Istanbul, Trieste etc.


The cultivation of mandarins in Chios is considered by many to have started by the Genoese conquerors (1348-1566), but there is no historical evidence. On the contrary, there are oral testimonies of Mr. G. Choremis that the first mandarins came to the island from his grandfather Giannis K. Choremis, after the frost in Chios of 1850, as a more durable species. They were first cultivated on his estates and from there their cultivation expanded in the whole Plain By inoculating them on orange trees (Citrus aurantium). It is reported by travelers that “the aroma that overflows from the orchards of mandarin is so intense” that Chios has become known inside and outside the borders of Greece as “fragrant” Chios.


The Benefits of Tangerine Essential Oil

  • Anti-ageing. It is a valuable source of antioxidants, while it has been proven to inactivate the free radicals that destroy the cells of our body. Working just as effectively as vitamin C, mandarin oil is a natural remedy for age-related ailments as well as external signs of aging.
  • Αnti-inflammatory. The main ingredient of mandarin oil is d-lemonin, which is about 75% of its chemical composition with many benefits, but mainly its anti-inflammatory action as it can suppress the action of several proteins and enzymes associated with chronic inflammation.
  • It has antiseptic, antispasmodic, detoxifying and calming properties. It is ideal for treating stretch marks and helps increase blood circulation and reduce fluid retention. Also mandarin oil is very beneficial for facial care. It has anti-wrinkle action and helps fight acne and balance oily skin.

Seamuse, believing in the Chios Mandarin and its properties, produces the “Chios Mandarin” soap bar. It is a unique product since Chios mandarin essential oil is used, which is distilled at the place of production, the Plain of Chios.

We use authentic mandarin essential oil in our various products, such as in the soap bar “Mandarin Chios”, Face cream for normal skin, Shower gel for dry skin, Shower gel for normal skin.

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