BLOG: The myth of essential oils – Natural, yes of course. Safer? not necessarily

The myth of essential oils – Natural, yes of course. Safer? not necessarily

The current trend in food products, detergents, and especially cosmetics is clearly in favour of natural ingredients. Back to nature!!

The motto is, the more natural, the better, the safer for the body and especially for our skin. Away with synthetic substances, preservatives, and chemicals in general! All of the above are described as the highest risk factors for allergies, skin diseases, and even cancer, but with little scientific documentation. You can read our previous blog-post on this.

Especially for essential oils, the internet and contemporary press are full of information in favour of their use. Herbal treatments, ointments, creams, various concoctions for air freshening, etc.

However, most of the essential oils are irritants and their use is regulated in an oil solution, such as almond oil, or grapeseed oil. Under no circumstances should they be applied in their pure form to the skin.

The most well-known for their beneficial properties are lavender, mint, tea tree, orange, and lemon oil. However, careful use should always be made for both skin and inhalation.

In Seamuse we use many essential oils in accordance with the official EU directives on cosmetic products. We strictly adhere to the limits allowed for the washed away items, such as soap, shower gel, shampoo, and the corresponding limits for leave-in products, such as creams, lotions, etc.

We like to make sure that we offer aromatic, but also safe products to our customers.

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